MSCI 530 Quiz 8 Nucleic acid

MSCI 530 Quiz 8: Nucleic acid, and Integration of Metabolism

  1. A patient with a deficiency of ALA synthase will express significantly low levels of these proteins except;
  2. This membrane protein found in enterocytes is involved in the conversion of ferrous iron to ferric iron;
  3. A patients liver biopsy shows increased deposition of hemosiderin and ferritin which conrm a diagnosis of hemochromatosis. Which of these is least likely to be the casue of this condition?
  4. A 25 year old student in your A/P class complains of fatigue and excessive sleepiness following a heavy menstrual period. She says her family doctor diagnosed her with iron-deficiency anemia and prescribed iron tablets for her. Which of these formulations of iron is most bioavailable (best absorbed)?
  5. The reaction catalyzed by ALA synthase in erythrocytes uses these as its substrates;
  6. A 25 year old Liberty University student presents to the ER with complaints of recurrent episode of anxiety, paranoia, confusion and abdominal pain. She has not experienced any rashes or photosensitivity but said she noticed that her urine color was port- wine after she took a barbiturate her family doctor prescribed. She is diagnosed with Acute intermittent Porphyria caused by a deficiency of;
  7. Which of these nuclear bases is not a pyrimidine?
  8. Which of these nucleoside triphosphates is not correctly paired with the metabolic process it is directly involved in?
  9. The end product of purine catabolism in humans is;
  10. Which of these amino acids is not required for the synthesis of purines?
  11. Which of these enzymes involved in purine metabolism do you suspect will have a diminished activity in a patient with molybdenum deficiency?
  12. Which of these conditions is least likely to lead to the development of hyperuricemia and Gout?
  13. WHat will be the best way to manage a case of megaloblastic anemia with orotic aciduria?
  14. The hormone that majorly mediates the fat mobilization, hyperglycemia and negative nitrogen balance seen in hypercatabolic states is;
  15. Which of these secretions of adipocytes signals energy sufficiency, decreases apetite and promotes lipolysis?
  16. Which of these explains why brain cells do not oxidize fatty acids for their energy supply?
  17. At rest, a patient’s respiratory quotient(RQ) was calculated as 0.71 but when he started exercising, the value rose to 1.0. An RQ of 1.0 indicates that the patient’s energy supply;
  18. The condition that results from insufficient dietary protein intake and worsened by ample dietary carbohydrates and characterized by flaky paint dermatitis, edema and growth failure is:
  19. Which of these is not a possible cause of a microcytic anemia?
  20. Which of these features is not consistent with a diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia?
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