DSMN 610 Comprehensive Quiz

DSMN 610 Quiz: Comprehensive

Module 1 : Week 1 — Module 6 : Week 6.

  1. An organization that partners with, but is separate from a local church is called a/an _______________ ministry.
  2. When various church ministries stay in their own areas and do not interact with each other and focus only on their own members and interests, it is called a/an ________________ ministry.
  3. The ____________________ is the facet of discipleship that teaches that the entire Bible is one glorious account of God’s work to redeem for Himself a people for his own possession and who will one day inhabit a restored paradise.
  4. Which of these is not an application of family discipleship?
  5. Scripture assigns the primary role of leadership in a home to
  6. Discipleship is rooted first and foremost in the
  7. Periodically, we should take note of our child’s progress in each of these areas EXCEPT:
  8. The foundational passage for Old Testament Family Discipleship is:
  9. The church should be seen as a/an ___________________ of the family
  10. Which is not an important distinctive mark of Christian parenting?
  11. Whom of the following is primarily responsible for the discipleship of children
  12. Which of the following is not a “Big Truth” in discipleship for young people:
  13. In family discipleship, it is impossible to over-emphasize the
  14. churches retain separate, age-segmented ministry structures which intentionally include intergenerational and family-focused event in each ministry.
  15. Discipleship is a _______________, not a suggestion
  16. The “Big Story” leads children to the ________________.
  17. Which of these is not part of a good definition of obedience for children?
  18. Men and women are equal in worth, but not in _______________.
  19. One of the foundational heart issues in the life of every child is
  20. Which of these is an ineffective form of communication in the home.
  21. The goal of discipline is __________________.
  22. Your children need God’s law, but you cannot ask the law to do what only ____________ can accomplish.
  23. The person your child becomes is a product of two things: life experience and
  24. Jonathan Edwards wrote, “Every family should be as it were a little
  25. Which of these is not within the role and responsibility of parenting?
  26. “Churches cannot provide what families __________________.” – David Horner
  27. provides an adequate plan for effective family discipleship
  28. A youth group that is separated from the main church except for financial support is sometimes referred to as:
  29. The effort of parents to help their child develop a perspective on life around them through a Christlike perspective is to result in
  30. The LEAST effective model of Family Discipleship for a broken or dysfunctional family is the _________________ model.
  31. The culture has limited influence on American families at this time in history
  32. Our responses to the circumstances and crises of everyday life help make our theology real for our children.
  33. The primary goal of family discipleship is to teach our children to love us.
  34. In general, the human heart is neutral toward worship of God at birth.
  35. A youth ministries success should be measured by average attendance, growth rates and parent satisfaction feedback.
  36. If we parent well, our kids are guaranteed to turn out well.
  37. It is not important to teach our children the “why’s” as long as they know the “what’s”.
  38. Discipleship does not really require objectives or outcomes and is best when it just goes with the flow.
  39. “Over parenting” has become a real issue in the current culture.
  40. Our times of corrective discipline are not the best context for teaching God’s ways to our children.
  41. Generational “cross pollination” is essential to holistic discipleship in the family.
  42. Many parents today require training in how to be effective leaders in their homes and how to provide discipleship instruction.
  43. Discipleship is least effectively accomplished when the practice is integrated into the rhythm of everyday life.
  44. It is unwise for parents to have their children in regular church ministry prior to adulthood to avoid having them become over-burdened by responsibilities at church.
  45. God’s definition of “marriage” is a covenant relationship exclusively between a man and a woman for a lifetime.
  46. How we parent has the power to impact future generations.
  47. It is quite possible to disciple your children beyond your own level of discipleship.
  48. Family-based Churches should take care to assist young people who come from dysfunctional or non-intact families to other good churches as they can’t really help them.
  49. Research shows that over 75% of evangelical young people drop out of church after age 18.
  50. Encouraging cultural identity is a foundational element of Biblical Family Discipleship content.
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