HIWD 341 Quiz 2

  1. The fall of Constantinople brought about what significant historical shift?
  2. A Gazi warrior is what kind of warrior?
  3. Symbolic of European love for the Turks’ introduction of coffee into Europe, which composer wrote the “Coffee Cantata”?
  4. All the exemplary actions and behaviors of the Prophet, passed down by customs and traditions in Islam are known collectively as:
  5. Who said: “To know Isfahan is to know half the world”?
  6. During the Golden Age Societal Advancements were made by:
  7. The Ottomans used gunpowder to devastating effect at what siege?
  8. Capturing what Christian city in 1453 meant that the Ottomans had achieved what Islamic dream?
  9. While the Umayyad dynasty was replaced with the Abbasid in the eastern part of the Caliphate, Umayyad rule continued in:
  10. The Safavid Empire called the imported slaves from the conquered Christian kingdoms of Georgia, Armenia and Circassia:
  11. What are the three major and largest groups of Shi’ites?
  12. The Translation movement associated with the Golden Age was largely a continuation of work being done by:
  13. While decline had begun in the eleventh century, the end of the Golden Age is generally agreed to be:
  14. All of India was brought under the control of the Mughals (Moguls) by what year?
  15. Due to their amazing conquests and vast treasuries of tribute and plunder, what three Ottoman Sultans set an almost impossible example for later rulers to follow?
  16. What does the Quran indicate is the status of women in terms of economic and legal standing?
  17. What does the command iqra mean?
  18. A Hadith is:
  19. The advent of the Golden Age of Islamic Civilization is most often associated with:
  20. What central Islamic concept is tied to the word “tawhid”?
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