HIWD 341 Quiz 1

  1. The Gunpowder Empires helped Islam climb out of the
  2. Known as 1 AH, in what year does Islamic history and their calendar begin?
  3. Shicis (Shia) are Muslims who follow the teachings of the descendants of:
  4. Muslims regard Mohammad as:
  5. The three events that took place at the dawn of the early modern era and redefined the Modern Middle East were:
  6. Professor Samuel P. Huntington’s thesis that Islamic civilization is stuck in unchanging values found in the Quran is called:
  7. Which ruler interpreting his dream of a tree that sprouted from his naval became destined to found the Ottoman Empire?
  8. Gelvin sees the Islamic Modern Era to encompass what era?
  9. The sira, or biography of Muhammad, was written by:
  10. The Egyptian President forced out by the army after the March 2011 Arab uprisings was:
  11. Which pillar of Islam is obligatory only if one has the ability to do it?
  12. Which invading group had arguably the most lasting impact on Islam and the Middle East?
  13. In Muhammad’s mi’raj (ascent into heaven), he reportedly saw and climbed a ladder reaching up into heaven. This story is similar and may have been based on the experiences of which early Hebrew leader?
  14. The ancient empires are characterized as what?
  15. The Mongol invasions, through the subsequent ____________, expose the Middle East to Far Eastern cultures and motifs like never before.
  16. What two characteristics distinguish modern history?
  17. The major or primary message of the Quran may best be summarized as:
  18. The Parameters of this course run from ________ to _________:
  19. All of the following areas were conquered early on by Islam EXCEPT:
  20. The Islamic faith is stuck doing what two things?
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