HIWD 341 Quiz 3

  1. Ijtihad means:
  2. Who wrote the Book of Reform?
  3. What new military corps adopted Western forms of drill and armaments and eventually replaced the Janissaries?
  4. Networks of like-minded people for reconstructing the morals of Islamic Law to deal with the modern world are known as:
  5. As the original Rome lay in the hands of the pope and the
    2nd Rome (Constantinople) had been conquered by the Ottomans, what city had become known as the 3rd Rome?
  6. France used Algeria as a place to dump ____________ in the 19th century?
  7. Nationalism needs what three conditions present in order to become a movement?
  8. When did construction on the Suez Canal begin?
  9. By 1908 the British controlled all but what percentage of Egyptian government posts?
  10. TheTanzimat reforms in 19th century Ottoman Empire is an example of:
  11. Where did Europeans turn for cotton once the North cut off its trade with the South during the American Civil War?
  12. Great Britain became the dominant European colonial power in India after which war?
  13. Mehmet Ali came to power in Egypt following what invasion?
  14. Tunisia’s great state-builder of the 19th Century was:
  15. Gelvin defines ___________ as the contemporary world economy and the world system of nation-states in which every functioning society has to operate.
  16. Mehmet Ali cultivated what cash crop in Egypt in an attempt to bring it into the world economy?
  17. Who became the principle antagonist of the Ottomans in the 18th century?
  18. The experience of Jawhariyyeh related in the book indicates that Ottoman Jerusalem in the 19th Century was:
  19. After the fall of the Safavid Empire, what to European countries fought for control of Persia in what became known as the “Great Game”?
  20. Lord Byron celebrated the cause of independence for what Balkan country?
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