GLST 290 Quiz 3 Identity

GLST 290 Quiz 3 Liberty University

GLST 290 Quiz: Identity and Application

  1. Which of the following is a synonym for cultural artifacts or activities?
  2. Because it is practiced in the West, alternative medicine is considered part of the western biomedical mainstream.
  3. A myth is any story with sacred significance.
  4. Christine Jeske applied anthropology in understanding employment challenges in South Africa.
  5. Alternative medicine is an alternative to
  6. Julie tells her friends the story of what she ate for breakfast. This story cannot be considered a myth because it
  7. In the last phase of a rite of passage, the person is
  8. The anthropological term for plural marriage is polygamy.
  9. Which research study would most likely be conducted by an anthropologist working within the field of ethnomedicine?
  10. The contextualization concept has more recently been critiqued as being insufficiently attentive to which 3 issues?
  11. Within cultural anthropology, numerous theories are at play at any given time.
  12. Kinship refers to the ways in which people selectively interpret the common human experiences of _________ and
  13. Anthropology focuses on the social dimension of religion (as opposed to the theological or esoteric dimensions).
  14. Shopping could be considered a rite of affliction if a person uses it repeatedly to feel better.
  15. Matrilineality is less common than patrilineality.
  16. Anthropology is only useful if you move to another country.
  17. Culture-bound syndrome is a synonym for folk illness.
  18. Anne Fadiman used ethnographic skills to tell which story?
  19. Kinship may include many different people, but family includes only children, parents, and grandparents.
  20. Positivism is based on the premise that knowledge must be empirically verifiable.
  21. A symbol is an object, sound, action, or idea to which people assign arbitrary meaning.
  22. Lamin Sanneh understands the multicultural nature of the gospel in part because he was raised in a Muslim family.
  23. When it comes to religion, anthropological fieldwork must
  24. Symbolic anthropology is sometimes called interpretive anthropology.
  25. Perspectivalism is most closely connected with postmodernism anthropological theory.
  26. Which statement fits best with postmodern anthropological theory?
  27. When a woman marries, her husband s brothers become her brothers-in-law. The woman and her brothers-in-law are
  28. Anthropology skills and perspectives can be useful in everyday life.
  29. Emile Durkheim viewed society as a thing in itself, or sui generis.
  30. Which anthropologist is practicing reflexivity?

Old quiz

  1. A person who speaks one dialect cannot understand the speaker of a different dialect.
  2. The common ancestor language, or protolanguage, is the root of a
  3. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis posits that
  4. When speakers in a multilingual context use a simplified form of one language (often a colonial language) as the common language across a region, this language is called a(n)
  5. Language is a system of verbal and nonverbal _________ that people use to _______.
  6. Within a given language, the rules of syntax never change.
  7. Sing is an example of a _____ morpheme.
  8. The term language refers strictly to verbal symbols.
  9. Some languages are inherently superior to other languages.
  10. Whispering is an example of paralanguage.
  11. Which pair are dialects?
  12. Choose the statement that most precisely explains why the word pencil is a symbol.
  13. A language family begins with what anthropologists call a mother tongue.
  14. Biblical Greek reduced its grammatical complexity as it became widely spoken among formerly non-Greek speakers of the ancient world. This is a move toward becoming a(n)
  15. Official languages taught in school usually display the prescriptive grammar considered ideal in that society.
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