GLST 290 Quiz 2

GLST 290 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Worldview influences what we believe is true, what we value, what we think is best, and what we do.
  2. If we acknowledge that someone has a different worldview, we must agree with their worldview.
  3. A person with a Biblical Worldview believes that humans were made by a sovereign, all powerful creator God who knows and loves His creation.
  4. Worldview answers the question: “what is real?”
  5. Values answer the question: “what is good?”
  6. A Biblical Worldview is based on the teachings of popular religious leaders.
  7. Worldview can be described as “the way we view the world.”
  8. According to Kwast’s model for describing culture, beliefs are the easiest layer to identify.
  9. Behavior answers the question: “what is done?”
  10. According to Kwast’s model, worldview is at the core of culture and it shapes all of the other layers of culture.
  11. Beliefs answer the question: “what is true?”
  12. Worldview leads us to believe and value certain things about life and our purpose, and those beliefs and values lead to certain behaviors.
  13. Culture is more than the behaviors we see.
  14. We must not engage people with different worldviews.
  15. According to Kwast’s model, belief is at the core and it shapes all of the other layers of culture.
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