GLST 290 Quiz 1

GLST 290 Quiz 1 Liberty University

  1. In anthropology today, going native is generally considered patronizing and unconvincing.
  2. Large-scale societies have power dynamics associated with culture, but small-scale societies do not.
  3. Cultural traits are not inevitable outcomes of the biology of the people who practice those traits.
  4. Elisa wants to study the simple stone tools used by humans in the ancient past. Which branch of anthropology should she pursue?
  5. The ethnic fair model accurately portrays culture.
  6. The word Anthropology comes from Anthropos, meaning ________ and -ology, meaning ________.
  7. A life history is ____________; a focus group is ______________.
  8. Collecting a life history of a single person is a legitimate technique for ethnographers.
  9. It is possible for a Christian to reject culture, becoming just a Christian, without a culture.
  10. The ethnic fair model accurately portrays culture.
  11. Early anthropologists assumed that cultures evolved as biological organisms do, from simple to complex.
  12. In his fieldwork in the Philippines, when did Brian Howell know he had established rapport with research participants?
  13. By the 20th century, armchair anthropology was rejected, and ___________ was seen as the best method for truly understanding different societies.
  14. Some people have more culture than others.
  15. Ethnographic fieldwork is anthropology s hallmark research method.
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