EDUC 750 Quiz 3

EDUC 750 Quiz 3

EDUC 750 Quiz Survey and Single Subject Design

EDUC 750 Quiz Mixed Methods and Evaluation Research

EDUC 750 Quiz Qualitative Research

EDUC 750 Quiz Quantitative Research

EDUC 750 Quiz Conceptualization, Measurement, and Sampling

EDUC 750 Quiz Ethical Research Conduct

  1. Subjects are not randomly assigned to the comparison and experimental groups in quasi-experimental design.
  2. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a true experiment?
  3. Another term for trend study is:
  4. A representative sample of teachers was surveyed five times in a one year period as part of a study examining teaching methods for shy children.  By the fourth round of surveys, many of the teachers responded with pat answers in order to get the survey over with. The teachers were likely exhibiting:
  5. Christopher Brown’s (2009) study examining the disconnect between prekindergarten and elementary school teaching approaches was an example of a (n):
  6. In a study examining the effects of ADHD medication on school children, the children who don’t receive the medication would be the _____ group.
  7. All true experiments have a posttest.
  8. Project STAR was the only large-scale, randomized trial study that examined:
  9. In the ex post facto control group design, participants decide themselves whether to join the control or treatment group.
  10. A researcher who draws conclusions about individual-level processes from group-level data may be making a (n) _____ fallacy.
  11. According to the authors, which type of research design is always preferable?
  12. Spurious means true or genuine.
  13. Lack of symmetry is also called:
  14. The mode and median are measures of :
  15. A bar chart would be the best method of describing which variable?
  16. Secondary analysis involves a substandard data set.
  17. Which measure of central tendency can summarize variables at the nominal level?
  18. Which action is NOT included in the preparation for data analysis?
  19. The square root of the variance is the:
  20. Which measure of central tendency would be most affected by a small number of extreme cases?
  21. The concept of _____ is central to the ethical use of statistics.
  22. Level of measurement determines the appropriateness of a particular statistic.
  23. The most frequent value in a distribution is the:
  24. The correlation coefficient is a measure of:
  25. Frequency distributions that display percentages must also include:
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