CJUS 500 Discussion 3

Liberty CJUS 500 Discussion 3 Answers

Topic: Sentencing Models

Thread: Compare and contrast the 4 main sentencing models. Discuss the advantages and weaknesses of each model. Would different sentencing models be appropriate for different crimes? Why or why not? Considering the goals of sentencing, what sentencing model would you attach for violent crimes? Property crimes? Drug crimes? Review the presentation titled “Courts (Part 2)” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 5. From a Christian viewpoint, present at least 2 arguments for the preservation of the death penalty and at least 2 arguments for the abolishment of the death penalty.
Replies: Reply to the threads of 2 other classmates who had a different argument for either the preservation of, or the abolishment of the death penalty. Explain why you agree or disagree with their argument(s). Based on their specific rationale, present additional research support to provide justification for your contrasting position.

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