CJUS 500 Discussion 2

Liberty CJUS 500 Discussion 2 Answers

Topic: Police Subculture

Thread: Discuss the 2 roles of police officers: the public servant and the crime fighter. Utilize current research to explain why some people may believe police subculture is breaking down. Review the presentation titled “Police (Part 2)” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 3. Integrate an analysis of “Biblical Themes”, legalism, and licentiousness, as discussed in the presentation. How do these concepts tie into the roles of police officers as public servants and crime fighters?

Replies: Reply to the threads of 2 other classmates. Reflect on the material presented by your colleagues specifically. Present correlating arguments to refute the notion that police subculture is breaking down in American society. In other words, explain why police subculture is, in fact, alive and well. Include additional real-world examples to support your position.

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