CJUS 500 Discussion 1

Liberty CJUS 500 Discussion 1 Answers

Topic: Your Role as a Practitioner-Academic

Thread: Choose at least 1 peer-reviewed article and at least 1 other scholarly source that relates to your passion in criminal justice (police, courts, or corrections) and discuss how these relate to your passion. Listen to the presentation titled “Overview: Criminal Justice” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1. Incorporate a discussion about “Your Role as a Practitioner-Academic” as discussed in the presentation. How will your past experiences impact your career? How will you adapt to global and domestic challenges? Include a reflective discussion about the specific “Biblical Themes” identified in the presentation.
Replies: Reply to the threads of 2 other classmates that chose a different passion than you did and expound upon their threads. What are some suggestions you can give them? Locate an article or website that might be interesting to your colleague. Provide the name of the article or website, along with the associated URL (website address). Explain why your colleague might be interested in reviewing the article or website based on their stated passions.

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