CJUS 500 Discussion 4

Liberty CJUS 500 Discussion 4 Answers

Topic: Sex Offender Notification

Thread: Provide a brief history of the sex offender notification/registration in the United States and explain the specific sex offender registration laws in your state (or a state that you are curious about). Review the presentation titled, “Corrections (Part 2)” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 7. Expound upon ways to effectively manage high-risk sex offenders in our communities; consider challenges they may experience when attempting to reintegrate back into society. From a Christian viewpoint, justify whether or not life-long sex offender registration is a just concept.

Replies: Reply to the threads of 2 other classmates who reached a different conclusion than you did on at least 1 of the issues under discussion. Identify the points of difference, and explain how you arrived at a different conclusion. Remember to support your replies with additional literature support.

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