EDUC 669 Quiz Writing in Content Area

EDUC 669 Quiz: Writing in the Content Areas

Covers the Learn material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. What is paraphrasing?
  2. Prereading prompts given to guide writing in reading response journals may be provided to
  3. What is true of revision?
  4. A writer is always transacting with
  5. When a paper is read for general impression and overall effect, the grading is said to be
  6. Which of the following is the last step in the writing process?
  7. Writing journals
  8. In which phase of the writing process does determination of audience for the writing take place?
  9. In what subject area should teachers give particular attention to mechanics of writing?
  10. Oral language vocabulary development is important for
  11. When responding to study questions as part of journal writing, students are likely to focus on
  12. What are reports that involve many types of writing called?
  13. Why is writing considered a catalyst for learning?
  14. Free writing is a way of tapping the individual’s linguistic reservoir without worry about organization or form of expression.
  15. Analytic grading scales focus readers on the features that are needed to make writing effective and attach point values to each feature.
  16. Results of teachers’ attempts to initiate writing across the curriculum have been uniformly successful.
  17. Help with revision and editing of written work can be found on the Internet.
  18. Prereading writing prompts for reading response journals or learning logs may ask students to compare the work to be read with similar works or works by the same author.
  19. Spelling checkers used with word processors make it unnecessary for the student to look up and change the spellings of words.
  20. “Extreme poetry,” as discussed in the chapter, is poetry that is inappropriate to be used with high school students.
  21. A précis is an abstract of material that retains the point of view of the original material; in other words, it is a special type of summary.
  22. Revision can occur at any point in the writing process.
  23. Content journals or learning logs are checked by the teacher, and errors in spelling and grammar are marked.
  24. The teacher should be the sole audience for most of the writing done in content area classes.
  25. Character journals are ones in which students simply examine their personal character traits.
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