EDUC 669 Quiz Integrating Technology

EDUC 669 Quiz: Integrating Technology in Content Area Literacy

Covers the Learn material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. What are possible uses of the computer in content classes?
  2. The Internet is
  3. For what students are text-to-speech programs helpful?
  4. Audio recordings can be used to
  5. Internet searches are aided by
  6. What is filter software?
  7. What are blogs?
  8. What is a major concern that teachers have with use of mobile devices in the classroom?
  9. Students can apply writing skills in practical ways using
  10. Visual presenters and interactive white boards can be used to
  11. E-mail can enhance classroom activity by
  12. Computer simulations
  13. Students could use a desktop publishing program to develop a newsletter for class.
  14. Electronic books are generally not helpful to struggling readers.
  15. Digital literacy is the ability to understand, evaluate, and integrate information in the multiple formats delivered by a computer.
  16. Media literacy refers to the ability to read words that appear on the screen in television programs.
  17. Blogs are web-based journals.
  18. Because students today are sometimes called “digital natives,” we can assume competency in use of computer technology for classwork.
  19. Creation of multimedia presentations is too dicult for secondary school students to undertake.
  20. Social networking sites encourage users to employ multimodal activities.
  21. Electronic mailing lists send out messages to a group of readers who have “subscribed.”
  22. Podcasts make student-constructed audio les available on the Internet.
  23. Visually challenged learners may benet from text-to-speech software.
  24. Prerecorded videos can be used as the basis of class discussion or reports.
  25. Letting students “surf the Net” without direct supervision is reasonable in a secondary class.
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