EDUC 669 Quiz Vocabulary Development

EDUC 669 Quiz: Vocabulary Development

Covers the Learn material from Module 3: Week 3.

  1. Which of the following is most important for a person’s ability to grasp concepts?
  2. Which of the following classify as graphic organizers?
  3. Why should teachers integrate new information with existing knowledge when teaching vocabulary?
  4. What is academic vocabulary?
  5. What makes a word meaningful to a student?
  6. Which of the following is the best way to identify vocabulary that should be included in an instructional program?
  7. What activity most helps students expand knowledge of word meanings?
  8. What does it mean to know a word in-depth?
  9. What is technical vocabulary?
  10. What type of figurative expression gives human qualities to inanimate objects or ideas?
  11. How does figurative language provide context clues?
  12. What kind of word knowledge does content reading require?
  13. Why are struggling readers unable to acquire vocabulary incidentally?
  14. What are concepts?
  15. Struggling readers usually have academic vocabulary that is equal to their general vocabulary.
  16. Structural analysis refers to the physical shape of a word, which can aid in its recognition.
  17. Word knowledge involves both depth and breadth.
  18. Simile is attributing human or personal qualities to inanimate things or ideas.
  19. Word knowledge determines how readers understand texts.
  20. Categorizing information is a way to develop concepts.
  21. One type of context clue is an example clue.
  22. ELLs do not need to learn academic language.
  23. Mnemonic strategies are memory devices that can help students learn word meanings.
  24. Analogies show a similar relationship between two pairs of words or ideas.
  25. English-language learners should be taught to recognize cognates.
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