EDUC 624 Quiz Developing Standards

EDUC 624 Quiz: Developing Standards for Classroom Behavior

  1. Which statement about developing classroom norms for behavior and classroom procedures is false?
  2. While individual teachers will have different policies about cell phone use at school, the authors seem to favor the idea that
  3. With regard to classroom management on the first day of school, teachers should be most committed to
  4. With regard to establishing the value of behavior standards, which of the following statements is inaccurate?
  5. A skill that is of high priority to teachers but that is not typically taught in classrooms is
  6. A teacher who is committed to increasing his cultural sensitivity would likely engage in all but which of the following activities?
  7. A teacher who wanted to help her students be successful at following directions might do all of these things except
  8. All but which of the following are likely when teachers have under- developed or under-utilized classroom management skills?
  9. All of the following are examples of rules that demonstrate the text’s recommendation for construction EXCEPT
  10. Classroom rules and procedures should be carefully monitored and enforced
  11. Getting students’ attention and starting a lesson frequently causes difficulty for teachers. While all of the following strategies may contribute to on-task behavior, which strategy is most likely to help teachers get lessons started?
  12. Giving all students in a class the same seatwork assignment is
  13. Students often come from home environments where the standards for behavior are very different from those of the school environment. The authors recommend that when they see these common-but-unacceptable-at-school behaviors, teachers
  14. Students should regularly be given feedback that
  15. The primary difference between rules and procedures is that
  16. The recommended wait time between asking a question and expecting/accepting a student answer is approximately
  17. To have the most lasting and positive effect when inappropriate behavior occurs, teachers should
  18. When students indicate that they are likely to be unable to comply with the behavioral norms established for the class, which teacher response is most appropriate?
  19. Which of the following considerations is NOT an environmental category that a teacher should assess when considering factors that might influence preschool children’s behavior?
  20. Which of the following is NOT one of the five components of power?
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