HLTH 105 Test 3

HLTH 105 Test 3 Liberty University

  1. What other qualification should a social worker have?
  2. What was the median annual wage for child, family, and school social workers in 2008?
  3. Which choice below could be another title for a social and human service assistant?
  4. How much time does it take to obtain a license in social work?
  5. Which choice is a possible job description for a social work administrator?
  6. What minimum level of education should social and human service assistants have?
  7. Which one of the following best describes a health psychologist?
  8. Which choice best describes the work of a psychologist?
  9. Of the choices below which is a field that a psychologist might specialize?
  10. Which one of the following will a clinical psychologist find a job?
  11. Which of the following might a psychologist perform?
  12. Which one of the following best describes a counseling psychologist?
  13. Which choice describes the future employment prospects for respiratory therapy technicians?
  14. Which of the following describes persons who specialize in the evaluation, treatment, and care of patients with breathing disorders?
  15. Which choice is the minimum job requirement for a respiratory therapist?
  16. Which degree is necessary for an entry‐level respiratory therapist?
  17. What was the median annual wage for respiratory therapy technician in 2008?
  18. Which one of the following describes the acronym CRT?
  19. What is the purpose of the American Physical Therapy Association?
  20. Which degree is necessary for a physical therapist?
  21. Which of the following describes persons who specialize in restoring, maintaining, and promoting overall fitness and health?
  22. What minimum level of qualifications should physical therapy assistants have?
  23. What was the median annual wage for physical therapy assistants in 2008?
  24. Other than a hospital, where might a physical therapist find a job?
  25. Certification is ______.
  26. What education requirement is necessary for occupational therapists?
  27. Why can occupational therapy work be tiring?
  28. What is the focus of occupational therapy in public schools?
  29. Why do occupational therapists need strong interpersonal skills?
  30. Which is NOT a relevant undergraduate major for occupational therapy?
  31. What is a reason for slow employee turn‐over among collegiate sports‐team athletic trainer jobs?
  32. As young athletes specialize in certain sports, there is an increased need for athletic trainers to deal with ______.
  33. How do athletic trainers help employers reduce healthcare costs?
  34. Which is an example of common outreach programs that athletic trainers often do through their jobs?
  35. Most athletic trainers work in ______ positions.
  36. What title is given to cardiovascular technologists specializing in invasive procedures?
  37. What is the minimum level of education for cardiovascular technologists and technicians?
  38. What do technologists use to monitor patients’ heart rates during catheterization procedures?
  39. Who often become EKG technicians?
  40. Technicians who assist physicians in the diagnosis of disorders affecting the circulation are known as ______.
  41. Who helps individuals by teaching daily living skills?
  42. What kind of work week do recreational therapists usually have?
  43. What determines the duties of clinical medical assistants?
  44. Who help people begin a normal life by obtaining satisfactory work?
  45. What is the minimum level of education for entry‐level recreational therapist jobs?
  46. What is the minimum education requirement for veterinarians?
  47. What is the minimum level of education for veterinary technicians?
  48. What test covers state laws and regulations regarding veterinary practice?
  49. Which had the largest number of jobs in 2008?
  50. What organization grants certification to individuals trained outside the United States?
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