EDUC 624 Quiz Establishing Positive

EDUC 624 Quiz Establishing Positive Teacher-Student Relationships

  1. According to information in Chapter Three, which of the following classroom qualities is the foundation of effective classroom management?
  2. According to the text, what important question must a teacher ask him/herself when determining student – teacher relationships?
  3. As the number of minority students, students from lower-wealth homes, and lower-achieving students increases in their classrooms, teachers are more likely to
  4. During a lesson you’re observing, Ms. McFail asks Deaver a question for which the student cannot immediately provide an answer. Ms. McFail could reasonably try all of the following strategies, but which one is least likely to be helpful in terms of the student’s learning?
  5. Glasser asserts that there are three levels at which students can satisfy their need for power of involvement in school. Which of the following is NOT one of the levels identified by Glasser?
  6. Ideally, the feedback we give students will help them attribute success or failure to
  7. In an effort to build rapport with her students, Ms. Bealls revealed very personal information about her sexual orientation. Which action(s) should have preceded her revelation?
  8. Beasley says, “I just don’t understand why Hongru failed his exam. When we’re in class, and I’m talking, he is obviously paying attention, and he nods all the time, as though he’s really ‘with’ me. But he made a poor grade on the test, and his homework has been incomplete and incorrect.” Your response, given what you know about students from some Asian cultures, is to say,
  9. Sims teaches 5th grade at Horizons Elementary. She has recently received a new student who is Native American. Mrs. Sims feels he is uninterested and lacks the motivation to learn. What should she do in response to her student’s behavior?
  10. On the first day of school, Mrs. Rose singles Meagan out by telling her that she had her sister a few years earlier. Mrs. Rose goes on by saying, “If you’re anything like your sister, this will be a very dicult year for you.” This is an example of what type of teacher behavior?
  11. Some theorists, in discussing students’ alienation from their teachers, purport that student misbehavior most likely indicates
  12. Teachers who are told that they are observing low-ability students when they are, in fact, viewing students of typical ability would be most likely to viewed the students’ behavior as
  13. Teachers who are warm, approving, encouraging, and appreciative of student effort are more likely to
  14. The average on Mr. Brighton’s fifth-period class’ last exam was 68.2 percent. When discussing the results with his fellow teacher, Mr. Paxton, Mr. Brighton said, “I need to examine how I might change my style and manner of teaching to help my students more effectively.” Mr. Paxton replied, “You shouldn’t change anything at all, because I have those same students in third period, and they’re just not a very bright or motivated group of students.” In this situation, all but which of the following are obviously true?
  15. Violence in schools is significantly increased when
  16. When a teacher greets students at the classroom door or asks about the well-being of a student who has been absent, they are likely intentionally doing which of the following?
  17. Which is NOT one of the four common impediments to students developing a sense of school community?
  18. Which of the following is NOT true of effective affirmation?
  19. Which of the following qualities is NOT necessary for giving effective, positive feedback?
  20. Which of the following teacher actions is most associated with deant student behavior and a less-than-positive classroom or school climate?
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