EDUC 624 Quiz Communities

EDUC 624 Quiz Communities and Problem-Solving

  1. Dreikurs asserted that student misbehavior is directly attributable to
  2. Erikson asserts that each stage of human psychosocial development
  3. At its core, classroom management is not a series of techniques and strategies; it is, instead, an exercise in
  4. For Glasser, which of the following circumstances would be of critical importance to successful schools?
  5. In general, when dealing with adolescents, educators should strive to avoid discipline systems that
  6. Lipsitz contends that adolescents need all but which of the following?
  7. Maslow would likely to make which of the following statements?
  8. Social cognitive development theory suggests that when students fail to meet adult expectations, the issue is not one of unmet student needs, but instead reflects
  9. Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what would be the order of these needs from most basic and necessary to higher order?
  10. What would Dreikurs most likely say about a child who acts out in class by talking over teacher and getting out of his seat?
  11. Which of the following behaviors would you NOT expect to see from a teacher who adheres to social cognitive development theory?
  12. Which of the following behaviors might best help teachers understand students’ academic failure and misbehavior?
  13. Which of the following factors is NOT, according to Coopersmith, associated with the development of high self-esteem?
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