EDUC 624 Quiz: Enhancing Students

EDUC 624 Quiz: Enhancing Students’ Motivation

  1. A teacher who successfully differentiates classroom instruction to help all students experience success would likely do all but which of the following?
  2. A teacher who writes the day’s objective on the board and discusses the list briey with students is most likely doing so in an attempt to help students
  3. All of the following are true of the use of cooperative learning except that
  4. All of the following suggestions for helping bilingual students are feasible/desirable except
  5. An example of a directional organizer would be a/an
  6. Brain researchers would be most likely to encourage teachers to engage students in reflective activities because
  7. For a student to find an instructional task motivating, the teacher needs to ensure all but which of the following?
  8. Increased emphasis on high-stakes testing in schools has impacted students and teachers in all but which of the following ways?
  9. Elbaum allows students to choose where they’d like to sit while they are engaged in certain activities. The room has several different “types” of learning areas: individual desks, tables with chairs, soft seating with low lighting, etc. In this instance, Mrs. Elbaum is most clearly considering students’ need to
  10. Students most commonly assume that learning is evidenced by
  11. Students of color would likely least enjoy engaging in
  12. Studies of the way time is used in classrooms indicate a clear need for more time spent in
  13. The authors of our text would likely argue that the least common reason students study is because they
  14. The text authors’ view is that motivation is a factor of
  15. The text suggests that when teachers are concerned that students do not appear to value learning the content presented in class, the teachers should
  16. When creating homework assignments, teachers should target the level of difficulty in such a way that students experience success/are able to complete the work without assistance about what percentage of the time?
  17. When students are unsure why they are learning particular content or skills and/or that they can be successful at tasks they’re told are important, they are likely to
  18. When working with students with disabilities, the main priority of the teacher should be
  19. Which of the following concepts is NOT supported by Wlodkowski’s and Ginsberg’s model based on the theories of intrinsic motivation?
  20. With regard to tailoring instructional experiences to students’ varying learning styles and intelligences, research
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