EDUC 319 Quiz Assessing Writing

EDUC 319 Quiz: Assessing Writing, Writing to Learn, and Poetry

Covers the Textbook material from Module 4: Week 4.

  1. The instruction- assessment cycle is used to help teachers assess students throughout the writing process by monitoring students each step of the way.
  2. A rubric is used by the teacher and the students to check the quality of a writer’s work.
  3. What type of assessment is used when teachers collect student work and use the evidence from the writing process such as edits and revisions made as well as the final product to better analyze what supports the students need to reach the standard or writing goal.
  4. What genre is not often used on large-scale writing tests?
  5. There is no difference between a large-scale writing assessment and a classroom writing- workshop assessment.
  6. Topic and direction are the parts of a writing prompt.
  7. Why should teachers use writing to learn strategies when teaching content areas such as science, social studies, mathematics or language arts?
  8. The purpose of writing stimulated journals is to give students insight into the historical person or character’s life and allow them to better see why that person did what they did or lived how they lived.
  9. Which of the following is not one of the ways RAFT differentiates?
  10. Multi genre projects diversify student learning by giving them different viewpoints and understandings in different areas.
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