CLST 100 Quiz 3

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CLST 100 Quiz 3

  1. The personal tastes evident in matters such as clothing choice, art, and music are known as
  2. It is important to rethink your personal value system
  3. As you consider designing a preparation schedule before a test,
  4. If you wish to improve your memory, honor the following principle(s).
  5. The following is generally true of tests in college when compared with tests taken in high school.
  6. The components of an essay question that are helpful to mark before outlining an answer to the question are
  7. Dishonest behavior before or during a test
  8. A value system used to determine what is right and wrong, just and unjust in the world is known as a
  9. Staying up all night to study for an exam makes sense if
  10. The following statement is false when it comes to decision making.
  11. Christians have an advantage in managing unwanted stress because
  12. Building a balanced and effective exercise program means designing a program that has these components.
  13. The first step in a formal decision‐making process calls for
  14. All the following are helpful ways to address unwanted stress in your life except for this suggestion.
  15. This statement is untrue about physical or mental wellness.
  16. If you are determined to lose weight,
  17. If test anxiety is interfering with your ability to prepare for and take a test,
  18. Students have run into trouble most often with an open‐book test when
  19. The amount of sleep you need each night
  20. The type of thinking called dualism
  21. Personal tragedies
  22. Identify the statement that is true about healthy eating.
  23. It is important to remember that an essay question will be evaluated on
  24. Should one of your friends or family members speak of suicide,
  25. If you have chosen to use alcohol, the following is a warning sign that you need to seek assistance with your habit.
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