CLST 100 Quiz 1

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CLST 100 Quiz 1

  1. The poor thinking demonstrated in the Garden of Eden after the fall into sin
  2. The following is true of those with a strong visual learning mode.
  3. If you are planning to work while attending college,
  4. This world view argues that truth is discovered via experimentation and careful replication of that experimentation.
  5. Select the statement that is true about learning styles.
  6. The two most important habits to address during your early days of transition into college are
  7. This world view abandons the quest for universal truth claiming instead that subjective truth is more important than objective truth.
  8. All the following statements are true about an academic advisor except this one.
  9. At a Christian university, the Bible
  10. The judging/perceiving scale measures
  11. The college experience is more about
  12. The thinking/feeling scale measures
  13. Planning to succeed as a college student means
  14. The following statement is not true about effective time management.
  15. A “not‐to‐do” list
  16. Your lack of motivation may result from
  17. If you fail to accomplish a goal,
  18. The person with a strong extraverted personality
  19. Distractions can originate in
  20. The typical college catalog
  21. A typical college program will include courses in the following categories
  22. The person with a strong sensing personality prefers
  23. The person with a strong perceiving personality may be harmed by
  24. Procrastination may be caused by all the following except
  25. Goal statements may have their quality measured against the SMART criteria, two of those criteria are
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