CLST 100 Quiz 2

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CLST 100 Quiz 2

  1. All the following items should be considered when selecting the place in which you read except for this one.
  2. The “S” component of the reading system known as SQ3R calls for you to
  3. The kind of thinking that calls for every answer to be questioned is
  4. The first of the three “R’s” in the SQ3R system presumes.
  5. The carefully organized and appealing outline of an effective speech is primarily the product of
  6. Committing yourself to regular class attendance
  7. The logical fallacy evident when a general conclusion from too few cases is
  8. The critical thinker will work to
  9. A thesis statement
  10. When reading college level material,
  11. The visual map
  12. When scheduling a review of your notes, it is best to schedule it
  13. The logical fallacy called “appeal to authority” (Ad Verecundiam)
  14. Select the statement that is true about a “fact.”
  15. The Cornell system for taking notes
  16. The student who is composing a melody for music class is practicing
  17. The typical college student will find that the reading required for class
  18. A note‐taking partner
  19. The “Q” step of the SQ3R reading system reminds you to
  20. When selecting a time for accomplishing your textbook reading, select a time
  21. The logical fallacy evident in the criticism of a thesis that seeks to discredit the messenger rather than the message is called
  22. When taking notes
  23. The best thinkers are those who
  24. Which of the following statements is untrue about note taking.
  25. The following is an example of a primary source?
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