EDUC 319 Quiz Narrative

EDUC 319 Quiz Narrative and Biographical Writing

Covers the Textbook material from Module 6: Week 6.

  1. Narrative devices are used to enhance the narrative writing experience and give a different perspective.
  2. Teachers use an integrated approach where students discover the genre through their reading, speaking, listening and discussing the text to find the genre.
  3. Teachers teach the idea of Story Elements through a series of mini lessons. These mini lessons include examining which of the following?
  4. Fiction writing is used to explain something, provide instruction, or present information.
  5. Writers use nonfiction writing for a wide variety of compositions such as magazines articles, newspapers, directions, guidebooks, and to share information the students previously learned.
  6. Which of the following types of writing is not included in biographical writing?
  7. The focus of Biographical writing Is people.
  8. Plot structures and more developed characters make writing stories complex.
  9. Teachers assess students narrative writing by evaluating students knowledge about the genre, monitoring the students use of the writing process, and by assessing the writer’s craft.
  10. Teachers should not begin biographical writing by breaking the biography down into categories so the students know exactly the areas they need to research.
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