CSTU 220 Quiz From Slavery

CSTU 220 Quiz: From Slavery to Freedom

  1. Which of the following statements about the Southern Homestead Act of 1866 is MOST accurate?
  2. During Reconstruction, black churchgoers and ministers generally
  3. How many black men served in the House of Representatives between 1869 and 1901?
  4. Identify the ways in which former slaves defined their freedom following the Civil War and Emancipation. Topics to consider include religion, church participation, education, kinship networks, land ownership and politics.
  5. Which of the following statements about the education of freedpeople in the Reconstruction era is LEAST accurate?
  6. Which of the following statements BEST captures attitudes toward the education of freed people during Reconstruction?
  7. Economically, most freed people in agricultural regions associated freedom primarily with
  8. Which constitutional amendment ostensibly guaranteed black men throughout the nation the right to vote on an equal basis with white men?
  9. After gaining their freedom, black families preferred that female members
  10. Discuss the development of sharecropping. How did it emerge as a compromise between the needs of landowners and the wishes of freed people? By settling for sharecropping, did blacks sacrifice the reality of economic advancement for the illusion of autonomy?
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