CSTU 220 Quiz Racial Reconciliation

CSTU 220 Quiz: Racial Reconciliation Through Christ

Covers the Learn material from Module 7: Week 7.

  1. Faith Ringgold is best known for telling stories through
  2. Perhaps the most explosive urban riots of the 1960s, which left 43 dead and caused $500 million in property damage, took place where in the summer of 1967?
  3. Who popularized the phrase “Black Power” at a freedom rally in 1966?
  4. According to Jarvis Williams, how has racism influenced the Christian church?
  5. According to Jarvis Williams, what is God’s provision for racial reconciliation? How does he support his argument?
  6. What is the difference between Racial Reconciliation and Ethnic Diversity, according to Jarvis Williams?
  7. In the last half of the twentieth century, all of the following trends became noticeable in black higher education EXCEPT
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