CSTU 220 Quiz Literature

CSTU 220 Quiz: African American Literature

  1. As a group, the writers of the Harlem Renaissance believed that
  2. As a poet, Countee Cullen
  3. Identify three important writers from the Harlem Renaissance and describe the general characteristics of their works. Address the following questions: Were they artistic innovators or did they favor working within existing traditions? Which segment of African-American society did they represent in their works? How were their works influenced by contemporary works in other genres? (Write one paragraph for each writer discussed.)
  4. Which of the following statements about Black Swan Records is LEAST accurate?
  5. Which of the following statements about Zora Neale Hurston is true?
  6. Which Howard University professor and editor of the anthology The New Negro emerged as the architect of the Harlem Renaissance in 1924?
  7. Who led Club Chef in the 1910s, helped to develop the New York style of jazz, and played a crucial role in introducing jazz to Europe during World War I?
  8. Who popularized the genre of gospel music through compositions such as “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”?
  9. Which swing musician’s orchestra, which included such important figures as Sy Oliver, played in an unusual two-beat rhythm and cultivated an influential brand of physical spectacle and showmanship?
  10. William H. Johnson’s work in the late 1930s could best be described as
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