ENGL 341 Quiz 1,2

ENGL 341 Quiz: Huck Finn Chapters 1 — 31

Covers the Textbook material from Module 1: Week 1.

  1. Jim and Huck “whooped” across the river because
  2. The purpose of Tom Sawyer’s gang is to
  3. What does Pap specifically forbid Huck from doing anymore?
  4. What best describes the king and the duke?
  5. At the prayer meeting, the king tells the crowd he wants forgiveness for his previous life as a
  6. When Jim recalls how he found out his daughter was deaf and how he felt guilty for punishing her disobedience, what had he been asking her to do that she couldn’t hear?
  7. At the Wilks’ plantation, who says to the crowd: “All right, I wash my hands of the matter. But I warn you all that a time’s coming when you’re going to feel sick whenever you think of this day.”
  8. When the real Wilks brothers show up, what is asked of the king about Peter Wilks that he should know if he’s really his brother?
  9. The name of the plantation owner who now owns Jim is
  10. What causes Joanna to believe that Huck is lying about who he is?

ENGL 341 Quiz: Huck Finn Chapters 32 — 43

Covers the Textbook material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. What does Huck hide under his hat when he gets caught fetching it from the cellar?
  2. Who convinces the farmers to be kinder to Jim because he is a “good nigger”?
  3. Who gets shot?
  4. What becomes of the king and the duke?
  5. When Tom insists that Jim write mournful inscriptions into a rock, who helps Tom and Huck get the huge grindstone into Jim’s hut?
  6. After sneaking out, Huck gets back into the house by going through the door. How does Tom get back in?
  7. At the Phelps plantation, what kind of food is carried outside that indicates to the boys where Jim is being held captive?
  8. What information is in the “nonnamous” letter Huck delivers to the Phelpses?
  9. What does Aunt Sally try to count that nearly drives her mad?
  10. How does Jim’s superstition about having hairy arms and a hairy chest come true?


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