THEO 104 Quiz Intro to Study of God

THEO 104 Quiz: Introduction to the Study of God

  1. is the name for God given to denote power and might, used mostly in Scripture in association with God’s creative acts.
  2. Holiness, justice, love, goodness, truth, and mercy are all examples of the non-moral attributes of God.
  3. All world religions really worship the same god, just in different ways.
  4. Materialism is the belief system that elevates the mind over the physical realm.
  5. One can know about God by looking at the person of Christ.
  6. Water is a successful analogy in describing the nature of the Trinity.
  7. Which of the following is not a monotheistic religion?
  8. By saying that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are _______________ one is affirming that there are three persons to the Trinity.
  9. The Bible arms that there are three distinct Gods within the Trinity.
  10. An important consideration relating to the Trinity concerns the number of gods Christianity claims to worship.
  11. Scripture is clear that God is the Creator of all things. However, some still try to claim otherwise.
  12. indicates that “all things were created through Him, and apart from Him not one thing was created that has been created.”
  13. When God created, he saw that everything was good. This means there was no sin or evil in the world.
  14. Some evolutionary theories should be accepted as they are coherent with Scripture.
  15. When studying theology, there is no place to exercise reason.
  16. A significant aspect of God’s activity in the world is related to human freedom.
  17. One way we apply the term _________ is to mean that we are uninhibited.
  18. Throughout the Bible, the writers of Scripture make arguments using
  19. Reflecting on the immanence of God helps individuals to better understand that God is personal.
  20. Which one of the following is not a verse used to understand the immanence of God?
  21. Jesus believes that truth exists but not that humans can actually know or comprehend truth.
  22. __________ are said to have six wings.
  23. Though angels are spirit beings, they do not have more power and intelligence than humanity. They are merely glorified human beings.
  24. Gabriel is designated as the “Archangel.”
  25. The word angel means __________.
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