CSTU 220 Quiz African American Music

CSTU 220 Quiz: African American Music

  1. Explain the significance of music in the African American experience. Discuss at least two African American musicians who shaped African American culture, and explain the role they played in both his/her musical genre and in the overall cultural impact on African American experience.
  2. Which of the following statements about the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University is LEAST accurate?
  3. What was the earliest form of African American music?
  4. Name one African American Jazz musician and name one song he/she wrote or performed.
  5. Which choice below represents one of America’s first rockers. Many consider him to be the true father of Rock music and his performances included his signature duck walk.
  6. Who is known as the Father of Gospel Music?
  7. Which legendary gospel singer once commented “Somebody singing blues is crying out of a pit. I’m singing out of the joy of my salvation.”
  8. True or False: Minstrel shows introduced white audiences to several musical instruments with African origins such as the banjo and “bones.”
  9. Who is known as the Father of the Blues, mostly for popularizing the genre
  10. Which of the following answers is incorrect regarding the development of Hip Hop music?
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