CRST 290 Quiz 3

CRST 290 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. The discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bone indicates that:
  2. In what year did Mount St. Helens erupt?
  3. According to the astronomy expert in Is Genesis History?, one way that distant starlight could reach Earth is by:
  4. Which Hebrew word is translated as the “Flood” in Genesis?
  5. Ross discussed a pattern in the fossil record that was very unexpected from an old-Earth paradigm. Which of the following was it?
  6. Noah’s Flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
  7. “The Great Unconformity” was viewed in which area in Is Genesis History?
  8. Which expert in Is Genesis History? introduced the ideas of “epochs” of Earth History (the Creation Epoch, the Edenian Epoch, the Antediluvian Epoch, etc.)
  9. In the film Is Genesis History”, one of the main pieces of evidence showing a dispersal from Babel was:
  10. Which chapter of the Bible contains the description of Noah’s Flood where water is rising?
  11. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Stephen Boyd pointed out the evidence for rapid sedimentation at a dinosaur dig site.
  12. According to theologian Dr. George Grant, which of the following New Testament authors or individuals viewed the early passages of Genesis as historical?
  13. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Steven Austin pointed out that the Tower of Babel was likely located in the ancient city of Ur.
  14. Which of the following pairs is the set of paradigms compared in Is Genesis History?
  15. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Danny Faulkner noted that the Biblical record of creation in Genesis matched the Big Bang history proposed by most astronomers.
  16. Kevin Anderson discovered and described original soft tissue from which type of fossil?
  17. According to creation-based scientific studies, Australopithecus afarensis appears to be human (descendants of Adam and Eve).
  18. What ancient city appears to have abandoned the construction of a massive tower at about the same time as the Tower of Babel, recorded in the Bible?
  19. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that Noah is compared to Adam?
  20. When looking at the sediments in the Grand Canyon and those nearby, it appears that:
  21. Which expert in Is Genesis History? described the complexity of DNA in four dimensions?
  22. What was the fourth dimension of DNA organization?
  23. Which view is concerned with the origins of the biblical texts?
  24. Which view holds Genesis 1 speaks of 24 hour days but also affirms evolutionary practices?
  25. Which literary term refers to the comparison of Noah to Adam?


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