COSC 660 Quiz 2

COSC 660 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Cowley purposed all of the following beliefs about guidance EXCEPT
  2. Cowley emphasized guidance as the
  3. The counselor to student ratio recommended by the ACA and the ASCA is
  4. The Soviet Union launch of Sputnik precipitated a major national outpouring of news suggesting that the American schools
  5. What association was responsible for creating a set of standards of education in the preparation of secondary school counselors?
  6. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, __________ were considered an official liaison between the school, home, and community social agencies?
  7. __________ prodded Frank Parsons’ concern for the need for social concern.
  8. The purpose of industrial education was to
  9. The __________ required states to submit plans on how they would test secondary students so that the academically talented students would be encouraged to study the sciences?
  10. Psychology research provided these two major contributions to the school counseling profession:
  11. In 1964, the NDEA Title A was passed, which extended counseling to
  12. Guidance as the “personalization of education” focused on
  13. The first state to require certification for guidance counselors was
  14. How did the launching of Sputnik affect the role of the professional school counselor?
  15. All of the following phenomena raised concerns at the beginning of the 20th century about whether current forms of education were appropriate, EXCEPT
  16. The impact of the Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation Movements and the legislation that led to mainstreaming special education students was driving attention of professional school counselors to
  17. The National Defense Education Act was the result of
  18. The roots of school counseling were in
  19. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, all of the following occurred EXCEPT the
  20. __________ stated that the four most important conditions affecting counseling were division of labor, growth of technology, extension of vocational education and the spread of democracy.
  21. In 1942, Brewer contended that there were four conditions that gave rise to guidance and counseling in the U. S. schools. They include all of the following EXCEPT
  22. In 1994, the School to Work Opportunities Act
  23. Which decade saw the rise of the student personnel, social work, children’s rights, mental health, measurement, and Progressive Education movements?
  24. The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act required that states
  25. The National Defense Education Act required states to submit plans for
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