COSC 660 Quiz 6

COSC 660 Quiz 6 Liberty University

  1. __________ is NOT an example of achievement data.
  2. Data becomes ineffective for change when
  3. Once the needs of students are identified, __________ can be developed that will then drive the systemic school counseling program.
  4. __________ is/are written so that results can be linked to school-wide measures of student achievement and produce concrete measures.
  5. All of the following levels of intervention are described in the chapter as interdependent and interrelated EXCEPT
  6. The __________ level of intervention has the greatest potential for removing systemic barriers and creating the conditions for learning at all other levels.
  7. The __________ provided a structured format for the process of creating a mission statement.
  8. The new vision of school counseling includes a scope of work that is
  9. School counselors do NOT collaborate with the educational program through
  10. The achievement of all students is a __________ issue.
  11. In order to change inequities found in schools, professional school counselors must use __________ to structure their program and guide their interventions.
  12. With an ethical and moral mandate for social justice, school counselors hold views that are neither partisan nor divisive, but rather reflect the
  13. College Results Online does NOT include __________ for graduation rates
  14. __________ advocacy is NOT one of the three ACA advocacy competency domains.
  15. __________ is/are (a) successful way(s) to publicize transformed professional school counselor roles and transformed school counseling programs.
  16. __________ leadership requires school counselors to empower and motivate every K–12 student for academic, career, and college success?
  17. __________ must be changed so school conditions can be created in which all students can become successful learners.
  18. The description of a child who needs an advocate is
  19. At the national level, professional school counselors can demonstrate their leadership in all of the following ways EXCEPT
  20. Mason and McMahon identified all of the following EXCEPT __________ as key variables in school counselor leadership variations in statewide study of school counselors.
  21. The most effective way a professional school counselor can bring social advocacy into school is to
  22. According to the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies, the four domains where counselors advocate for change include all of the following EXCEPT
  23. A professional school counselor’s ethical duty is to
  24. The client/student empowerment level of the client/student advocacy domain in the ACA advocacy competencies does NOT involve
  25. The CAFÉ model includes
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