COSC 660 Quiz 4

COSC 660 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. At the __________ stage of a system-based process model, one decides whether to continue the intervention.
  2. __________ is NOT suggested for school counselors.
  3. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the collaborative interdependent model of consultation?
  4. During the fourth step of the system-based process model, frame change, the consultant is NOT advised to
  5. During the __________ step of the system-based process model for school consultation, the consultant learns the system rules and meta-rules.
  6. Meta-rules are
  7. Which of the following is TRUE of most parents?
  8. Correlative studies have indicated that
  9. In the collaborative dependent model
  10. Which of the following is an example of a school counselor failing to observe the meta-rules in his or her school?
  11. In the process consultation model, the focus
  12. In the __________ model, the professional school counselor is viewed as the expert.
  13. The move to have professional school counselors serve in more of a consultant manner arose from the
  14. __________ provides an opportunity for the consultant and other team members to assess how well they collaborated as a group.
  15. A school counselor who is an effective consultant will
  16. Family members, educators, professional school counselors, youths, and members of the community working as equal participants is an example of the __________ model of consultation.
  17. All of the following are distinguishing features of a collaborative style of interaction EXCEPT
  18. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about the triadic dependent model of consultation?
  19. __________ is a part of Schein’s (1969) model.
  20. All of the following comprise the role of the consultant, EXCEPT
  21. A school counselor who __________ will probably make the most effective consultant.
  22. In a triadic-dependant relationship, the __________ implements the recommendations of the consultant.
  23. Staying “one down” is a part of which step in the consultation process?
  24. In collaborative consultation the professional school counselor
  25. The collaborative interdependent model of consultation is useful when
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