COSC 660 Quiz 3

COSC 660 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. The ASCA theme of ___________ describes the activities of professional school counselors within the school and beyond to enact system-wide changes to facilitate student success.
  2. The ASCA National Standards were NOT
  3. All of the following statements about crisis response are true, EXCEPT
  4. The first contact that a parent usually has with a school or the school counseling program is with the
  5. The ASCA theme of ____________ encompasses schoolwide changes in expectations, instructional practices, support services, and philosophy with the goal of raising achievement levels and creating opportunity and access for all students.
  6. The ASCA National Model was created with the goal of helping school counselors design programs that are all of the following EXCEPT
  7. __________ component of the ASCA National Model addresses the “what” of the school counseling program
  8. A noted advantage of classroom guidance is
  9. Individual advisement means
  10. Classroom guidance units
  11. The __________ can best help school counselor’s connect students in need with appropriate community resources.
  12. All of the following statements are true regarding the use of annual agreements EXCEPT
  13. __________ is NOT part of a school counseling program’s delivery system.
  14. __________ comprise outcomes assessments that document changes in students and other stakeholders through systematic analysis of their performance within various program components.
  15. Which of the following is an example of professional development?
  16. The ASCA National Model encourages school counselors to
  17. The _________ system element accounts for the “when,” “why,” and “on what authority” of a comprehensive school counseling program.
  18. The __________ can best help the school counselor support students with serious behavioral and/or emotional needs?
  19. System support is part of the program’s
  20. The most important question that the accountability system aims to answer is,
  21. __________ are detailed strategies for achieving an important outcome.
  22. Performance standards
  23. Which of the following is NOT a true statement about teachers?
  24. The ASCA theme of __________ requires that professional school counselors work with a wide array of stakeholders within the school, school system, and community.
  25. School counselors can use peer facilitation to
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