HIUS 360 Quiz Expansion

HIUS 360 Quiz: Expansion of Consumer Culture

  1. John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company organized itself _______________, acquiring supplies of crude oil form Standard-owned fields, building its own tanker fleets, constructing pipeline, and then, integrating forward, establishing systems of licensed dealers and even overseas subsidiaries.
  2. The Civil War greatly benefitted the American economy.
  3. The Emerald City depicted in The Wonderful Wizard of Ozis ostensibly represents ________________.
  4. Brand name goods emerged in the late 1800s because automation and emerging technologies were able to produce products ___________________.
  5. Unlike the movie version, the ruby red slippers worn by Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Ozwere actually silver. While Dorothy and her companions travel the “yellow brick road,” the image of Dorothy’s silver shoes landing on gold bricks paints a clear portrait of the Populist goal of _______________.
  6. One trick to measuring the standard of living in America is by looking at the historical consumption of ________.
  7. Pouncing on the unease and discontent among the “working masses,” intellectual critics of capitalism at the turn of the twentieth century such as Henry George, Henry Lloyd, and Edward Bellamy utilized a new style of journalism known as ________________.
  8. In the late 1880s big business began to take on the image of “robber barons” due in part to instances of mercantilist era monopoly power acquired through _______________________.
  9. At the turn of the twentieth century, industry giants in oil, railroads, manufacturing, and banking left their empires to heir’s who almost always maintained the success of that had previously been achieved.
  10. The best entrepreneurs are those that can ____________.
  11. When did the American economy fully recovered from the Civil War?
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