CCOU 304 Quiz 6 Intimacy

CCOU 304 Quiz 6: Intimacy in Marriage

  1. Which of these is not a component of the definition of trauma?
  2. The term “abuse” should only be used when applied to physical or sexual acts.
  3. Which of these was not a characteristic of compassion listed in our text?
  4. The best counseling for Domestic Violence is marriage counseling.
  5. When we care about people, we care about what is most important to them.
  6. Which of these are listed as the purpose of marriage?
  7. As counselors, compassion isn’t a necessity, more of a preference or ideal.
  8. As we hear someone’s story, we should try to match it up with our own experiences.
  9. Domestic Violence is ultimately about fear, power, and control.
  10. The Bible speaks extensively to the topics of trauma and abuse.
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