CCOU 304 Quiz 5 Marital Life

CCOU 304 Quiz 5: Life Problems: Marital Life

  1. Which of these is not listed as a reason God gave us food?
  2. We should aim to know others well enough to know how to pray for them.
  3. The gospel provides hope to women who are single.
  4. If conversations begin awkwardly, we should stop and try again another time.
  5. As it relates to counseling a woman who is single, which of these should be our primary focus?
  6. According to Welch, as helpers, we need to balance seeing the bad with the good.
  7. Which of these was not listed as one of the ways to look for the good in someone?
  8. Which of these is not listed as a diagnosable eating disorder:
  9. The degree to which a woman likely struggles with her singleness is connected to her desire to be married.
  10. Disordered eating is a fairly easy and straightforward issue to address.
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