CCOU 304 Quiz 7 Family Life

CCOU 304 Quiz 7: Family Life

  1. Counseling marital unfaithfulness is usually a quick and straightforward process.
  2. Which story from the Bible was used to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to his unfaithful bride, Israel?
  3. Which biblical truth was not given as a source of encouragement to women struggling with infertility?
  4. Which of these was not one of the gardens in Scripture where we see Satan directly acting?
  5. We should always follow up about a particular prayer need.
  6. Most women who struggle with infertility or pregnancy loss will respond in the same way.
  7. Infidelity includes more than just sexual adultery.
  8. Satan doesn’t care about our counselee’s struggles.
  9. There is a unique power that comes from inviting the Lord into our struggles through prayer.
  10. The first step in counseling infertility is to grieve with her/them.
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