CCOU 304 Quiz 8 Second Half

CCOU 304 Quiz 8: The Second Half of Life

  1. Who is responsible to model conflict resolution in the family?
  2. What is the story we are to keep in mind?
  3. Only parents have responsibilities in the family.
  4. What do we need to examine our own sin first?
  5. If we ignore sin in others, we sin against them.
  6. In counseling families, we must ultimately remember that earthly families serve as a picture of God’s family.
  7. Where is our ultimate hope as we lead others towards change?
  8. Sin does not need to be a part of our counseling conversations, as it isn’t always applicable.
  9. Which of these is not one of the instances Welch lists for when we would speak up about sin?
  10. The best approach for dealing with the sin in a counselee is to hold up a “mirror” for them to see it themselves.
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