BUSI 681 Quiz 4

BUSI 681 Quiz 4 Liberty University

  1. Positive relationships going into a negotiation can have a beneficial effect on the ultimate solution.
  2. Working in outsourcing teams, projects can be completed faster and more cheaply.
  3. A partnering charter states the common goals for the project as well as the procedures that will be used to achieve these goals.
  4. In order to be even moderately successful at managing relations, a project manager needs to be skilled at managing customer ___________ and ____________.
  5. Which of the following is suggested as the best target for a customer satisfaction ratio?
  6. In order to keep the customer happy and to keep perceptions about performance high, it is acceptable to falsely assure customers that everything is on track, especially if you feel that the problem will be resolved soon.
  7. Best practices in outsourcing project work include all the following EXCEPT
  8. A key element to any conflict management process is
  9. What does the acronym BATNA stand for?
  10. Co-Locating staff for a project is a good strategy to
  11. Co-location is less relevant for independent work that does not require ongoing coordination between professionals from different organizations.
  12. The following are differences between the partnering approach and the traditional approach to managing contracted relationships EXCEPT
  13. Outsourced projects are susceptible to conflicts since people are unaccustomed to working together. Which of the following is a primary control mechanism for dealing with and resolving problems?
  14. The following are ways a project manager can manage a customer’s expectations and perceptions EXCEPT
  15. When separating the people from the problem, negotiators don’t react to the emotional outburst, but try to find the issues that triggered it.
  16. Principled negotiation emphasizes developing win/win solutions while protecting yourself against those who would take advantage of your forthrightness. Which of the following is NOT one of the key points of principled negotiation?
  17. A value of 1.5 is the optimal target for the Met-Expectations model of customer satisfaction.
  18. Ultimate success of the project is determined by
  19. When interacting with the customer, it is important that the project manager
  20. When negotiating, the tendency is to want to win! Why is this not a good approach when managing contracted relationships?
  21. Outsourced projects are less about reduced costs and more focused on bringing the best talent available to get the job done.
  22. A prime consideration in choosing outsourcing vendors is to assess the fit with their project management system.
  23. Toyota and DaimlerChrysler collaborating with suppliers to develop new automobile platforms is an example of outsourcing.
  24. Key practices in the partnering approach to managing contracted relationships include
  25. Trust can be difficult to forge when interactions are limited and people come from different organizations.
  26. Advantages to outsourced project work can include
  27. Outsourcing project work requires
  28. Security issues on an outsourced project can be mitigated with a properly written contract.
  29. In regard to outsourcing, the MOST effective way to avoid problems with schedules and deadlines is to
  30. Successful firms are very careful in selecting the work to be outsourced. If expectations and requirements are fuzzy or open to debate, working together can become very difficult. The following are ways to clarify requirements and procedures EXCEPT
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