BUSI 681 Quiz 2

BUSI 681 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. Which group of stakeholders defines the scope of the project and ultimately determines whether or not the project is successful?
  2. Customers define the scope of the project, and ultimately, project success rests in their satisfaction.
  3. Ethics are an absolute – what is ethical for your organization will be ethical for all others.
  4. Successful project managers tend to adopt a hands-on approach to managing projects.
  5. Delivering accurate information is just as important as delivering bad news to a stakeholder.
  6. An individual’s character alone is adequate to generate trust.
  7. In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, providing friendship, giving emotional backing, and listening to others’ concerns and issues are examples of _______-related currencies.
  8. Research consistently points out that project success is strongly affected by the degree to which a project has the support of top management. The following are ways a project manager can manage upward relationships EXCEPT
  9. A side-effect of lack of trust is in other party is
  10. Managing a project and leading a project are two different things. Project leadership is about coping with
  11. A high-ranking manager who advocates the project and uses her or his influence to gain approval of the project is a project
  12. The largest source of tension between project managers and upper management typically come from
  13. When managing stakeholders, a project manager should
  14. One difference between project management and project leadership is that project management includes
  15. A well-defined project that encounters no significant surprises would require little
  16. Project success or failure often is reliant upon the contributions of all of the following groups of stakeholders EXCEPT
  17. In terms of commonly traded organizational currencies, being involved in a task that has a large significance and having a chance to do something important and do it well are examples of ______-related currencies.
  18. One of the ways to allow others to build trust in you is to
  19. The closest relationships in a project network of relationships are between the project manager and
  20. Many poor-performing project managers are guilty of management by wandering around.
  21. Being the focal point of information allows the project manager to have the information available to them to appropriately manage expectations on a project.
  22. When having to have a difficult conversation with upper managers, you can increase success by
  23. A successful project manager must build a cooperative, mutually beneficial network generally governed by the law of reciprocity.
  24. Through a project manager’s behavior, he or she can influence how others act and respond to a variety of issues related to the project.
  25. Inspiration-related currencies derive from people’s burning desire to make a difference and add meaning to their lives.
  26. The old-fashioned view of managing projects emphasized directing and controlling subordinates; the new perspective emphasizes managing project stakeholders and anticipating change as the most important jobs.
  27. Stakeholders such as human resources, information systems, purchasing agents, and maintenance are typically classified as
  28. Effective time management for project managers includes initiating contact with key stakeholders only when there is a valid issue to deal with.
  29. It is impractical for a subordinate to “manage” a superior.
  30. One of the things that distinguish project management from regular management is the sheer breadth and complexity of the relationships that need to be managed.
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