BUSI 681 Quiz 3

BUSI 681 Quiz 3 Liberty University

  1. All of the following have been found to be good for running effective project meetings EXCEPT
  2. When a project team will only consider a couple of solutions and ignore alternatives, this is ___________ which is a symptom of Groupthink.
  3. Researchers have found that high-performance teams have norms for team interaction. Which of the following is NOT one of those norms?
  4. Two of the biggest challenges involved in managing a virtual project team are developing trust and effective patterns of communication.
  5. Overcoming cultural difference can pose a challenge to geographically distributed teams.
  6. When project managers impose a solution to dysfunctional conflict after listening to each party, they are __________ the conflict.
  7. When project managers reduce the intensity of the conflict by smoothing over differences or interjecting humor when dysfunctional conflict arises, they are attempting to _________ the conflict.
  8. Synergy can be both negative as well as positive.
  9. When project teams get too used to not having to go through normal approvals to get things done, this is called
  10. During which stage of team development do team members establish ground rules and try to find out what behaviors are acceptable and what performance expectations are?
  11. Sam is the coach of a high school soccer team and has noticed that some close relationships have formed as well as feelings of camaraderie and shared responsibilities for the team’s success. Which stage of development is the team in?
  12. The performing stage of team development is characterized by the development of close relationships and group cohesiveness.
  13. When dysfunctional conflict is identified, one of the ways to deal with it is to
  14. Roger is new-product project manager for a retail company. Recently the team has exhibited a high degree of conflict over who will control the group and how decisions will be made. Which stage of development is the team in?
  15. During which stage of team development do members accept that they are part of a project group but resist the constraints that the project and the group put on their individuality?
  16. During which stage of team development is high performance not a top priority and attention is devoted to wrapping up the project?
  17. Going native is the ability that some project teams have to bypass the normal policies and procedures that everyone in the organization is supposed to follow.
  18. Research indicates that high-performance teams are much more likely to develop when the manager hand-selects team members.
  19. Experience and research indicate that high-performance project teams are much more likely to develop under all the following conditions EXCEPT
  20. While some conflict can be beneficial, the absence of conflict can mask
  21. The first project meeting is critical to the early functioning of the project team. Which of the following is NOT true regarding this meeting?
  22. The essential qualities of an effective vision include all of the following EXCEPT
  23. Conflict is inevitable and can be a desirable part of project work.
  24. The project manager must quickly establish operational ground rules for how the team will work together. These include planning, tracking, managing change, and relationship decisions. Which of the following is an example of a planning decision?
  25. High performing teams typically meet many of the characteristics outlined in the text.
  26. High performing teams can
  27. Co-location of team members, team names, and team rituals are common vehicles for establishing a team identity.
  28. A project vision is an image a project team holds about how the project will look upon completion, how they will work together, and how customers will accept the project. It is important that everyone have the same vision.
  29. During which stage of team development do close relationships develop and the group demonstrates cohesiveness?
  30. One important factor that a project manager must acknowledge when recruiting project members is the management structure being used to complete the project.
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