RLGN 105 Quiz 2

RLGN 105 Quiz 2 Defining Worldview

Covers the Learn material from Module 2: Week 2.

  1. Ryken finds the resonance of the concept of “worldview” in the church to be surprising and odd.
  2. The question of Origin is seeking to know the Founder of the worldview?
  3. A worldview can be presented as a story or a set of presuppositions
  4. The basic biblical doctrine of the “Trinity” is that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are/is:
  5. God has spoken to us both in the general revelation of ________________ and in the special revelation of his Word.
  6. The Christian worldview begins with the existence of God.
  7. Worldviews are inherently anti-religious in nature.
  8. Worldviews always work together, regardless of the differences.
  9. Asking a person how they answer the 5 Worldview Questions is an excellent way to determine their worldview.
  10. At times people may see a difference between our functional worldview and our theoretical worldview
  11. According to the Ryken, not all Christians have a clear understanding of the Christian worldview.
  12. The term “Worldview” first appeared in the philosophical writings of:
  13. According to Ryken, the value of having a Christian worldview—is to see the world the way that culture sees it.
  14. The conflict of worldviews calls Christians to thoughtful cultural engagement
  15. Ryken states that “the main theme of Scripture is________________’
  16. A worldview helps one see the big picture about:
  17. How people choose to do things reveals their worldview, but how they respond to situations does not.
  18. According to Ryken, Worldview is a matter of the:
  19. Because humans do not know everything, we must conclude that all truth is relative.
  20. According to Ryken, “Ideally, a worldview is a _____________________ framework of beliefs and convictions”.
  21. If people in the church do not think Christianly, it is hardly surprising that they do not live Christianly, either.
  22. The question of Origin addresses the question, “what culture did I grow up in?”
  23. According to Ryken, his book is written explicitly for Christians, but that it may also help non-Christians understand the way Christians look at the world.
  24. The concept of the “Trinity” is shared by other monotheistic worldview such as Judaism and Islam.
  25. Christianity arms the existence of absolute truth.



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