BUSI 300 Test 1

BUSI 300 Test 1 Liberty University

Set 1

  1. _____ can be disseminated using a variety of media or forms, including memos, letters, emails, instant or text messaging, faxes, press releases, company websites, blogs, blog applications, wikis, and reports.​
  2. Which of the following is a difference between Area I and Area II of the Johari Window?​
  3. Joe is maintaining a blog about his experiences in teaching martial arts. In his next blog, he plans to include the steps to be taken for improving the balance of postures. In this scenario, which of the following should he use to write about the steps?​
  4. Clan culture refers to astructured and formalized workplace where leaders act like coordinators or administrators.
  5. Learning about other cultures and developing sensitivity will help maximize ethnocentric relations when dealing with other cultures.
  6. Ideas are more interesting and appealing if they are expressed from the sender’s viewpoint.
  7. Which of the following statements is true of perception of reality?​
  8. Which of the following sentences uses specific language?​
  9. In recent years, developments among U.S. businesses have shifted attention away from the employment of traditional organizational subunits as the only mechanisms for achieving organizational goals and toward the increased use of groups.
  10. Chantell, the manager of the claims department in an insurance company, explains her team about the new claim form that the company will use from next month. This scenario is an example of _____.​
  11. Which of the following is a difference between connotative words and denotative words?​
  12. Listening for pleasure, recreation, amusement, and relaxation is intensive listening.
  13. Groups formed for short-term tasks spend more time on maintenance than on the task.
  14. _____ isa group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.​
  15. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,identity theft, health and fitness, and environmentally friendly commercials appeal to security and safety needs.​
  16. Mustafa is the president of ZoneIn Industries Inc., a company that manufactures PVC pipes and fitting. Due to losses incurred by the company, Mustafa reduced a major portion of the workers’ pay and called it “temporary economic adaptation.” In this scenario, the term used to represent the cutback exemplifies:​
  17. Which of the following is true of concise messages?​
  18. Which of the following sentences is in passive voice?​
  19. In the communication process, outlining should be completed prior to writing.
  20. Business communicators normally use active voice more heavily than passive voice because active voice:​
  21. In comparison to active voice, passive voice:​
  22. According to the older, traditional view of management, _____.​
  23. In the context of Competing Values Framework, which of the following is true of adhocracy culture?​
  24. Jakeel, a salesperson at Sensations Inc., attended a regional sales meeting, where he was more of a listener than a participant. Later, when his colleagues were talking about what was discussed in the meeting, Jakeel could not share his viewpoints. Based on this scenario, Jakeel most likely has a bad listening habit of _____.​
  25. In the communication process, differences in education level, experience, and culture of the sender and the receiver are examples of:​
  26. A limitation of language translation is that some words in one language do not have an equivalent meaning in other languages.
  27. Passive people accept responsibility for their feelings and actions.
  28. Which of the following is true of the formal communication network?​
  29. In a group, a(n) _____ plays a positive role.​
  30. According toAbraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological needs form the upper-level needs.
  31. Zelda is the founder of Green House, a non-governmental organization for orphans. Since the non-governmental organization was nearing bankruptcy, Zelda decided to write emails requesting business owners and major corporations in the city for donations. She drafted two different emails—one for addressing small businesses and another for multinational corporations for the same purpose. In this scenario, which of the following audience characteristics did Zelda take into consideration while drafting two different emails?​
  32. In the context of group roles, which of the following is a difference between an isolator and a dominator?​
  33. In a simple sentence, to emphasize an idea, _____.​
  34. In a document, numerals are typically preferred over bullets unless the sequence of the items in a series is critical.
  35. In a discussion of communication, the word _____ means the act of dividing a topic into parts and arranging them in an appropriate sequence.​
  36. To reduce the sting of an unpleasant thought, _____.​
  37. Status is the task an employee assumes that can involve power and authority that surpass his or her formal position on the organization chart.
  38. Which of the following statements is true of electronic meetings?​
  39. Context is a complex, multidimensional force that should be considered when planning a message.
  40. Which of the following statements is true of upward communication?​
  41. Legal and ethical constraints are contextual forces influencing business communication. As contextual forces, legal and ethical constraints shape communication and provide boundaries in which communication occurs. Your understanding of legal and ethical constraints will improve the effectiveness of your workplace communication.
  42. Using passive voice reduces the number of words required to express an idea and thus saves the reader a little time.
  43. Which of the following does communicating ethically involve?​
  44. Which of the following is a difference between verbal communication and a metacommunication?​
  45. Which of the following is true of product development teams?​
  46. One of the weaknesses of teams is that they prevent companies from drawing on the skills and imagination of a whole workforce.
  47. In order to effectively revise and proofread a document, you should:​
  48. Patrick prepares a presentation of a research paper that begins with the major idea. He then realizes that the topic could be antagonizing and may not please his audience. In this scenario, which of the following should Patrick use?​
  49. Which of the following statements is true of telecommuting?​
  50. Brandon, a manager at Fairpro Technologies Corp., is required to provide individual performance feedback to his subordinates. In this scenario, the communication between Brandon and his subordinates is at a(n) _____ level.​

Set 2

1. The inaccuracy of the grapevine has more to do with the message output than with the input.
2. Alan was being interviewed for the position of business analyst at Amberg Tech Solutions. Susan, an interviewer, looked at him and observed that he was dressed inappropriately and looked disinterested. Susan assumed that Alan did not care much for the job and subsequently rejected his application. In this scenario, Susan got the message that he was not much interested in the job through _____.
3. Which of the following statements is true according to Abraham Maslow’s concept of a hierarchy of needs?
4. _____ allows companies to reduce travel budgets, save professional time, and minimize the environmental impact caused by travel.
5. For sensitive situations, an email is often preferred over a face‐to‐face encounter.
6. According to the older view of management, labeled as theory X by McGregor, management _____.
7. Which of the following sentences is true about grapevine communication?
8. To emphasize a word or an idea, _____.
9. In effective groups, participants _____.
10. In a Total Quality Management environment, decision‐making power is distributed to the people closest to the problem, who usually have the best information sources and solutions.
11. Social networking sites are websites that provide virtual communities in which people with shared interests can communicate.
12. _____ refers to the principles of right and wrong that guide you in making decisions that consider the impact of your actions on others as well as yourself.
13. _____ involves breaking down information into easily digestible pieces.
14. To emphasize an idea, place it in a dependent clause.
15. Identify a guideline for using email effectively.
16. Face‐to‐face communication provides opportunities to facilitate feedback and establish a personal focus.
17. Downward communication is a type of communication that is generally a response requests from supervisors.
18. The radio frequencies that transmit voice signals from a cellphone cannot be picked up by other equipment.
19. Which of the following statements is true of telecommuting?
20. Which of the following is true of topic sentences?
21. Which of the following is an accurate statement about casual listening?
22. In successful teams, leadership is likely to be shared, which requires more direct and effective communication within the organization.
23. Routinely used clichés capture a receiver’s attention because they are original, fresh, and interesting.
24. Wireless communication enables us to communicate voice and high‐speed data transmission virtually anytime, anywhere.
25. Voice input and output technology:
26. The first step in proofreading a document is to use the spell checker.
27. Which of the following is true of wireless communication?
28. Embellishment or exaggeration is justified when needed for persuasive sales messages.
29. Electronic meetings provide a rich nonverbal context, but have logistical issues of schedules and distance.
30. Similar to a blog in structure and logic, a wiki:
31. Jeff hears about a change in the leave policy of the company and shares this information with his colleague Judy. Judy passes on the information to her teammates. A human resource manager overhears the information and makes it clear that no such change will take place in the company leave policy. In this context, the information was exchanged through _____.
32. Listening for pleasure, recreation, amusement, and relaxation is casual listening.
33. Learning about other cultures and developing sensitivity will help maximize ethnocentric relations when dealing with other cultures
34. A receiver’s reaction to a message is strongly influenced by the sequence in which ideas are presented.
35. Teams prevent companies from drawing on the skills and imagination of a whole workforce.
36. Which of the following is true of cellphone communication?
37. Perception is the part of the communication process that involves how the world looks at us.
38. A _____ is a structured and formalized workplace where leaders act like coordinators or administrators and the focus is on internal aspects of the workplace.
39. According to the transactional process model, two parties involved in a communication encounter are communicating at different times.
40. Alan, the CEO of Techosoft Solutions, was requested by Jack, a student at Woodhouse Elementary School, to share some information about his company for his project report. Alan used simple words and gave simple basic facts about his company when responding to Jack. Alan would have worded his response in a different way if he was responding to an adult. Which of the following audience characteristics is Alan considering?
41. Business communicators normally use active voice more heavily than passive voice because active voice:
42. Unlike web pages, social media:
43. ____ communication flows from supervisor to employee, from policy makers to operating personnel, or from top to bottom on the organization chart.
44. Cellphone communication has been shown to dramatically improve performance among salespersons by improving their outreach to clients.
45. Spoken defamatory remarks are referred to as _____.
46. Communication is the process of exchanging and interpreting information and meaning between or among individuals through a system of symbols, signs, and behavior.
47. Vocal kinesic communication includes gestures, winks, smiles, frowns, sighs, attire, grooming, and all kinds of body movements.
48. In effective groups, the focus on a common goal allows members to overcome individual differences of opinion and to negotiate acceptable solutions.
49. The study of body language is known as chronemics.
50. _____ is the part of the communication process that involves how we look at others and the world around us.

Set 3

  1. Because graphics are based on numeric data, distortion is not as likely as in text discussion.
  2. An effective outline for a message helps ensure that all ideas will appear in equally emphatic positions.
  3. Fraud refers to errors that can occur in interpreting persuasive messages.
  4. A limitation of language translation is that some words do not have an equivalent meaning in another language.
  5. In spite of its poor reputation, the grapevine is in reality no more or less accurate than other channels.
  6. Text messaging is a social communication tool and not applicable for business communication.
  7. “When you complete the assignment” is an example of
  8. A major purpose in communication is to help people feel good about themselves and their friends, groups, and organizations.
  9. Communicating with and about others with the same kindness and fairness that you wish others to use when communicating with and about you is referred to as what?
  10. Performance appraisal interviews between supervisors and employees frequently combine listening intensively and empathetic listening.
  11. Though people around the world speak different languages, nonverbal communication, such as gestures and facial expressions, generally has the same meanings to all cultures.
  12. Email is a channel of choice for business messages that must be sent to several recipients in a timely manner.
  13. The use of doublespeak may be either deliberate or unintentional.
  14. In downward communication management attempts to ____ activities within an organization while with horizontal communication management hopes to ____ them.
  15. Using bias-free language permits the receiver to focus on your message rather than raising serious questions about your sensitivity.
  16. By adapting its products to fit a more culturally diverse group of consumers, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has demonstrated the need to analyze its audience.
  17. Differences in education level, experience, and culture or distractions such as noise, uncomfortable room temperature, and interruptions are examples of
  18. Bullets are usually preferred over numerals in a document list unless sequence is important.
  19. A job applicant appears for an interview in wrinkled clothing. What nonverbal message is the interviewer most likely to receive?
  20. Which is the BEST technique for emphasizing to stockholders the reasons for revenue increases?
  21. Which of the following is not a web 2.0 technology?
  22. Sensitive communication, such as the firing of an employee, is best done with a letter so there is legal evidence of the action.
  23. When ABC Company makes a legal decision that complies with contractual agreements, one can accurately assume that it is an ethical decision because it is legal.
  24. Which of the following is appropriate etiquette when listening?
  25. Which of the following is NOT an effective attitude when revising and proofreading documents?
  26. A company posts information to the Web for its business partners such as vendors, suppliers, and customers that they must access by using a password. This activity illustrates use of the company’s
  27. Which of the following channels is NOT relatively inexpensive?
  28. In business documents, a general rule for readability is that paragraphs normally should be
  29. The way that time influences interactions is which dimension of context?
  30. When communicating with a colleague about the hiring or firing of an employee, you would be well advised to not use a cell phone.
  31. Barriers, or interferences, to communication can be completely overcome by skilled communicators.
  32. Supervisor Janet tells Juan, “Don’t be late for work.” Janet’s probable metacommunication is
  33. The politician seeking re-election referred to the importance of “revenue enhancements” for providing additional community services. This is an example of
  34. The readability level of a passage is affected by the length of the sentences and difficulty of the words.
  35. While all actions that are ethical are legal, some actions that are legal may not be ethical.
  36. Robin, task force chair, tells team member Aaron “your proposed solution to THIS problem is great.” Robin’s probable metacommunication to Aaron is
  37. Which of the following is the MOST effective heading in a memo report to employees?
  38. Which of the following best describes the common attitude that those from the U.S, Canada, and northern Europe have about the concept of time?
  39. Email and cell phone calls are preferred channels for communicating information that is private or sensitive.
  40. Because e-mail messages are written efficiently, they should be organized in a direct, deductive style.
  41. If an audience may be antagonized by the main idea of a message, the deductive approach is preferred.
  42. Which of the following is true of document headings?
  43. Cho needs to prepare a short report detailing his company’s progress in implementing an new customer tracking system.  As plans his message, what is the first step he should think through in the planning and preparing process?
  44. Which of the following is true concerning instant messaging (IM)?
  45. Which of the following is NOT a technique for linking sentences?
  46. Which of the following is a characteristic of Total Quality Management (TQM)?
  47. Jakeel is a new sales representative with Sensations, Inc. He attends a regional sales meeting, followed by a reception. He converses with three new sales people and an hour later forgets their names. This is an example of the following bad listening habit:
  48. In the sentence “Even though your work was late, we completed the project on time,” the negative information is in a de-emphasized position.
  49. Which of the following statements is MOST sender-centered?
  50. A task force is an example of a long-standing team or group.
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