BUSI 300 Test 3

Liberty BUSI 300 Test 3 Answers

Set 1

  1. During a presentation, an effective introduction captures the involves the audience and captures their attention.
  2. In a collaborative writing team, the entire team works together on each section of the proposal of major size.
  3. Which of the following suggestions should be applied when writing a formal report?
  4. Employment contractors specialize in providing a full‐time job.
  5. Which of the following messages should be written inductively?
  6. Electronic applicant‐tracking systems:
  7. The goal of unstructured interviews is to:
  8. Comparing your qualifications to a company/job profile helps you identify pertinent information to be included in your résumé.
  9. Which of the following best describes a table of contents?
  10. While employment videos are helpful in communicating a person’s qualifications and abilities, their use may also:
  11. To avoid a tone of egotism in a résumé, _____.
  12. A bid request describes a problem that needs to be solved and invites respondents to describe their proposed solutions.
  13. When interpreting data, it is good for the researcher to assume the constancy of human behavior.
  14. The Board of Education for the State of Maine is compiling information on the number of last year’s high school graduates attending each of the state’s 19 public universities. To best represent this data graphically, a _____ should be used.
  15. Which of the following results from the way in which a speaker produces and joins sounds?
  16. A pictogram is used to track progress toward completion of a six‐month construction project.
  17. Thomas is writing a report that contains a column (vertical) bar chart that shows last year’s employee enrollment in three management training programs: conflict resolution, time management, and team building. Which of the following statements best interprets and analyzes the graph?
  18. An effective handout can help audience members remember your message.
  19. Graphics must be saved for data that that are difficult to communicate in words alone.
  20. All report headings that are of the same level must be consistent in position, appearance, and grammatical construction.
  21. In the context of referencing, which of the following is an accurate statement concerning the use of footnotes?
  22. The null hypothesis tends to be stated in a way that favors one possibility or is prejudiced toward a particular answer.
  23. When designed correctly, form reports save time and increase clerical accuracy by providing designated places for specific items.
  24. Referencing is optional when paraphrasing.
  25. The job search process begins with identifying a job listing using electronic sources.
  26. The success of a presenter is completely dependent on the formality of the presentation, the time taken to prepare, and the nature of the audience.
  27. Distance delivery formats are appropriate for presentations that cover highly sensitive or confidential issues.
  28. James is a team leader at Infonet Corp., a multinational IT company. He had four years of experience as a software analyst before joining Infonet. He progressed from a senior software analyst to team leader in his 11 years at Infonet. James was not satisfied with his pay and decided to apply for the position of project manager at Alpha Corp. What type of résumé would be most effective for James’ profile?
  29. For Kayla to avoid a visual distortion in the bar chart she is creating to show her company’s sales by region, she should design the quantitative axis to begin at zero, and make each bar the same width.
  30. Which of the following is an example of an effective talking title?
  31. A report is presented before attempting to solve a problem.
  32. An application message:
  33. To enhance credibility, incorporate emotional terms in your document.
  34. A manager who asks for a report on the best phone system for an office will request a justification report to support the recommended decision.
  35. Which of the following takes place in a series interview?
  36. Darren was asked to document a research paper as part of his final examination. The assignment needed weeks of careful study and experimentation before submission. Having ignored the paper until the day before the submission, he felt that he had no choice but to lift material off another research article that he had found on the Internet. In other words, Darren is guilty of _____.
  37. A pie chart presents data in columns and rows, which aid in clarifying large quantities of data in a small space.
  38. Many researchers prefer to state hypotheses in the null form because:
  39. Laurent is being interviewed for the position of content analyst at Alping Inc. Zara, the interviewer, asks Laurent to tell her about a time when Laurent was able to convince someone to look at things from her perspective. This question posed by Zara is an example of a(n) _____.
  40. Typically, an executive summary is included to assist the reader in understanding a long, complex report.
  41. Which of the following is a common error that hinders the accurate interpretation of data?
  42. The STAR method (Situation or Task/Action/Result) refers to a:
  43. When speaking to a culturally diverse audience, a speaker should:
  44. Graphics should clarify, simplify, or reinforce the data.
  45. Which of the following guidelines will helps create dynamic and useful presentation visuals?
  46. Which of the following is true about the purpose of a proposal?
  47. Fazer Technologies Inc. distributed copies of its annual report to its stockholders. Fazer’s annual report is an example of an _____.
  48. “Authorization was received from the IRS” is an example of a sentence using active voice.
  49. When formatting a scannable version of your résumé, _____.
  50. Identify a nontraditional source of locating a job.

Set 2

  1. A letter of application should be biographical and trace the accomplishments (educa-tion, jobs, etc.) of the applicant in chronological order.
  2. Scholarly journals in the social sciences tend to use the APA referencing method, while MLA is commonly used in the humanities.
  3. Which of the following is an example of a desirable professional attitude during a job interview?
  4. When an interviewer deliberately creates anxiety to assess your ability to perform under stress, the interviewer is conducting an unstructured interview.
  5. Evan is preparing a vésumé for posting to YouTube. Which of the following should he avoid in  preparing his video?
  6. By sending unsolicited application letters,
  7. Which of the following is NOT true concerning the table of contents of a report?
  8. Which of the following is NOT true of the parts of a business report?
  9. In a typical business presentation, the number of major points should be limited to three to five.
  10. Gabrielle has an interview for a position in sales. Which of the following would most likely contribute to a favorable first impression in the interview.
  11. Jennifer, a young business associate with your firm, is anticipating her first international sales tour to make presentations to businesses in five countries. You recall your own first trip abroad and some awkward problems you encountered in business protocol. Which of the following would NOT be good business etiquette advice for Jennifer?
  12. Which of the following is BEST for comparing the total dollars spent among five fast food restaurants.
  13. You need to produce a graphic for your employees that depicts the process of handling customer service complaints. Which would be your BEST choice?
  14. Which method of research would be best for researching whether distance learning or traditional classroom instruction is more effective for your company’s employees?
  15. Which of the following is an example of an effective talking title?
  16. Which of the following is the BEST advice for including objectives in a proposal?
  17. The director of a professional organization who asks for a report on developing an online newsletter for members may request a justification report to support the recommended decision.
  18. You are organizing your résumé for a highly competitive summer internship with an accounting  firm. You believe your education is your strongest qualification because your work expe-rience has been seasonal jobs at minimum wage. You also believe that your abilities, interests, and character are qualities that closely parallel the job description supplied by the business. What type of résumé would be LEAST preferred for conveying your strengths?
  19. To produce a unified team presentation, many experts recommend scheduling at least five practice sessions.
  20. In general, companies using video interviews agree that video interviews are excellent for screening applicants, while live interviews are appropriate for final interviews.
  21. Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning the introduction of a presentation?
  22. A pictogram could be used to track progress toward completion of a six-month construction project.
  23. An analytical report
  24. Which of the following statements BEST summarizes the role of online job searching?
  25. Which of the following procedures is NOT recommended when conducting an electronic search?
  26. Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s ideas or words as your own.
  27. Management is requiring employees at Sentac Enterprises to attend a presentation by your consulting firm about how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. What technique should you use to get the audience interested in the presentation?
  28. Which of the following is recommended during delivery of a presentation?
  29. Which of the following statements is correct concerning the writing of proposals?
  30. Which of the following is true when using color in presentation visuals?
  31. A typical short report includes
  32. Kendrick, a recent college graduate, wants to communicate that he can get along with others and is accepting of diversity. Which of the following statements should he avoid making?
  33. When the interviewer follows a predetermined agenda such as a checklist or series of questions, he or she is conducting a structured interview, even though it may not seem structured to the applicant.
  34. In a report on effective advertising to the net generation, researchers explain the small size of the selected sample and the use of three selected online databases. They are describing the ____ of the study.
  35. Increasingly, companies are designing application forms to be tests of the applicant’s written communication skills.
  36. A report that recommends to management the installation of a new computer system is an example of an internal proposal.
  37. The statement of purpose is the goal of the study and includes the objectives the researcher hopes to accomplish.
  38. The most widely used report format for communication within an organization is the letter report.
  39. Gestures should be eliminated during a business presentation since they distract your audience.
  40. Which of the following statements is NOT correct concerning the appendix of a report?
  41. If the interviewer has been thorough, it is appropriate to say, “I don’t have any questions” when asked at the end of an interview.
  42. The use of first-person pronouns (I or we) are generally acceptable in a formal report.
  43. Which sentence BEST introduces a graphic that depicts the way people access an organization’s information on a website?
  44. Which of the following is FALSE concerning cultural perceptions of North Americans?
  45. Email polling is a popular primary research method, though it typically takes longer to conduct than other data collection methods.
  46. The pattern for incorporating graphs in text is
  47. Because scripted speeches restrict eye contact with the audience,
  48. A report that provides a written description of how an organization can meet the needs of another organization by providing products, services, or solutions to problems is what kind of report?
  49. You want to show total U.S. auto sales in each year since 2005; the data could be illustrated using either a pictogram or a bar chart.
  50. In order for survey research to be credible, the selected sample must be representative of the population.
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