BIOL 103 Quiz Microbes Diversity

BIOL 103 Quiz: Microbes: Diversity

  1. How often may a swab be reused for inoculating a nutrient plate?
  2. A major goal of aseptic technique is to
  3. The nutrient plate growing the smallest number of colonies is the one swabbed
  4. Swabbing a nutrient medium plate with a sterile swab
  5. A highly probable source of contaminant micro-organisms in culture media is
  6. The most effective way to sample airborne microbes is to
  7. In pouring molten media from a tube into a plate
  8. Which is not needed for environmental microbes to survive in a lab setting?
  9. Select the correct sequence of activities below:
  10. Which sampling source is least likely to yield human pathogens?
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