THEO 202 Quiz 4

Liberty THEO 202 Quiz 4 Answers

Set 1

  1. Salvation is the work of God that delivers us from sin and its penalty, restores us to a right relationship with God, and imparts to us eternal life.
  2. Union with Christ is:
  3. John 15:1–17 views our union with Christ as a:
  4. Salvation is the work of God and is not found in any program or process of prayer.
  5. is the gracious decision of God by which he chooses certain ones to be the recipients of salvation.
  6. The deification view of union with Christ exists within what Christian tradition?
  7. Luther wrote a detailed and systematic exposition to his theology.
  8. The apostles used what prepositional phrase to describe salvation?
  9. The view of election that says people are chosen according to God’s foreseen faith:
  10. James Arminius supposed unconditional election.

Other Sets

  1. The concept of the church began with the assembly of the children of Israel in the tabernacle. Thus, the church transcends the Old and New Testaments.
  2. The basic word meaning of church is “called out ones.”
  3. The New Testament commissions the church to observe but one ordinance, that being the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.
  4. Regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit, this view believes that Spirit baptism takes place when believers are placed into Christ’s body on Calvary and become partakers of his vicarious, substitutionary death.
  5. According to the Towns textbook, the major teaching of the picture of the bride and groom is its demonstration of Christ’s limitless love.
  6. The term “body” can be used as a figure to depict the local church as well as the relationship of believers in the universal church.
  7. The New Testament clearly reveals that the church is comprised of both Jews and Gentiles, thus incorporating all ethnic groups into one “family of God” within the church.
  8. This view of the baptism of the Holy Spirit regards the baptism of the Spirit as a repeated phenomenon in the life of the believer.
  9. According to the Towns textbook, the church is to put itself under the authority of the Word of God for the purpose of discipline and correction.
  10. According to Ephesians 2:20, the church is built upon the apostles and prophets.
  11. According to the Towns textbook, there will be some in the church who are not saved.
  12. The term “dispensation” refers to the continuity between the church and Israel, or the continuity between the Testaments.
  13. According to the Towns textbook, when Peter was called the “Rock” upon which the church would be built, this designated a human foundation upon which the church would be built in the sense that Peter (and the other apostles) identified with Christ as believers and were also recipients of foundational truth.
  14. Within the church, the New Testament reveals that every believer is a priest. Christians are furthermore described as a “royal priesthood.”
  15. The church was first manifested on the day of Pentecost.
  16. Which country does Rivera use as an extended example of the challenges one might face in ministering to people abroad?
  17. According to the Towns textbook, the church should be recognized as an organism but dismissed as an organization.
  18. Most dispensationalists believe that the church began at Calvary.
  19. Regarding the baptism of the Holy Spirit, this view interprets the baptism of the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit taking the believer at the moment of salvation and placing him positionally into the Universal Church.
  20. In regards to the “temple” analogy as describing the church, a local church’s worship center is the place where God’s presence dwells and where believers are able to encounter Him in a special way much like it was done in the Old Testament (2 Chronicles 7:11‐16).
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